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Ducati Manchester Spainish Tour

it is cold and raining in Manchester and the motoseason is over, in Spain it’s warm and sunny and apart of that there will take place the last stage of Moto GP. DMC moto offer you to join a fans team! The tour includes a trip along the coast of Mediterranean sea and we’ll visit the final stage of Moto GP in Valencia the day 6 of November of 2011.

The route of the tour:
Sevilla – Jerez – Ronda – Cordova – Granada – Almeria – La-manga – Valencia
Tour options:
Number of days: 9
Difficulty level: easy
Number of participants: ?
The first day: Manchester – Sevilla – Jerez (run – 119 km)
Departure from the Manchester, arrival in Sevilla. When arrived – transfer to the place where you’ll receive your bike. After that we’re going to Jerez-de-la-Frontera, where we’ll check in to hotel and have a gala dinner. Jerez-de-la-Frontera is the most populated town in Cadiz, it’s the land of wines and horses. It’s best architecture legacy are Arabic Alcasar of XII century and San Salvador cathedral. In Jerez there are a big amount of wine cellars, including Gonzales Byass and Pedro Domecq. Also there are beautiful family palaces of a local aristocracy.
The second day. Jerez-The Hybraltar- Ronda (run – 264 km)
You are driving along the edge of the sea shore of Europe to a wonderful town called Ronda, but during your way you will run across a lot of beautiful places. The first on your way there will be Cadiz, which tends to be the oldest European town. According to the legend, Cadiz was found by Heracles. The town belonged to The Carthaginians, The Romans, The Moors in turn and in 1812 it became the capital of Spain for some time. The Constitution was proclaimed there. Having driven to Tarifa you will be able to wave hello to The Marrocans, it seems possible to reach a hand to Africa at this place!
And the next destination will be Gibraltar – the high rocky cape, which was given to The UK to be rules for ever in 1713.
And in the end you are driving in beautiful Ronda. This is one of the most beautiful spots in Spain. Ronda stands at the shore of sheer rock. Due to its location it had been inaccessible and was the last stronghold of the Moors. Besides the ancient monuments, the oldest arena for Corrida in Spain is situated here in Ronda.
4 day. Cordova – Granada (run 213 km)
You are driving up to the brilliant of Andalucia – Granada. The first town on your way is Andujar, where remained The roman bridge with 15 arches across The Guadalquivir. In Jaena or the stop of caravans as it was called by The Moors remained Arabic saunas of 11th century, and there is a bamboo statue of Christ from Ecuador. Granada was called “The world of dreams” by the guitarist Andres Segovia. Granada was conquered by the Moors in the 8th century. The époque of its sunrise was at the times of governing of Nathrids during 1238-1492. That time Granada was the capital of Granadian emirate and the inhabitants made the reputation of being the cultural and scientific centre for it. After The Catholics came to power the town gained the refinement of The Rene sans and some luxury too. The labyrinth of narrow streets, meandering beside The Cathedral, Moor market, squares, architectural pearls of Alhambra castle and Jeneralife, luxurious moor villages.
The fifth day. Granada – Almeria (*run 173 km)
On the way to Almeria you will run across Joanes which is famous by its table sorts of grapes and Laujar. According to the legend Laujar de Andaraix was founded by Noah’s great grandson. But the most impressive town on the way there is Guadix, where a cave quarter is situated. It consists of thousands of caves. The exposition of Cave museum tells about people’s life underground. Almeria – here stands the biggest fortress built by The Moors in Spain. This huge building is dated by 955. Almeria used to be a very important sea port. Across this Mauritanians city which was called Mahriyatt (The Mirror of the sea) brocade, cotton and silk were exported. Beside the fortress an old quarter of fishermen and The Gypsies, called La Changa. Some families live in caves here, where the walls are gaudily colored and the interior is very modern too.
The sixth day. Almeria- La Manga (run 255 km)
And again you are going along the coast. Today you are saying goodbye to sunny Andalucia ang driving to the region of Murcia and Valencia. The road lies along the sunny coast across the near-town park, Cabo de Gata- volcanic scars, dunes, salty banks ans lonely bays. Some cute fishermen’s hamlets are situated on the territory of nature park.
A small village Nixar is situated among the oasis of citric trees at the edge of the ridge of Sierra de Alamilla and is famous by its bright ceramica and jarapas – handmade blankets and mats. Mojacar is like a blinking mirage: huge Mavritanian fortress at the top of the mountain, with some whitewashed houses spilled on it. Cartajena- the modern town which stands on the place of the first Carthaginian’s living place that was founded in 223 B.C. Then the town was conquered by The Romans. After the époques of decadence and prosperity it has become a big military port. On the sea shore stands the model of the submarine, designed in 1888 by Isaac Peralem. From the top of the castle Castillo de la Concepcion opens a magnificent view of the city and the sea. La Manga - stretched out along a narrow sand spit that separates the Mediterranean from the Mar Menor - a closed lagoon. The water here is warmer than it is in the sea and is full of minerals, so La Manga resort is considered to be therapeutic.
The seventh Day. La Manga- Valencia (run 310 km)
The first town on the road from La Manga is Alicante - a port city - the capital of the Costa Blanca. The first Greeks founded a colony here, then the Romans came. At the top of the mountain stands castle called Benikantil de-Santa Barbara of 16th century. From its towers you will be able to see the whole city. Penyal-d'Ifak is a place famous for the unique stone cliff. Giant boulder 332 m height seems to be unapproachable, like heaving from the sea. If you climb the cliff, it will offer some amazing views, on a clear day you can even see the coast of Ibiza.
Xativa is the old town with its typical small squares and streets. Once the tower castle of Xativa was a majestic sight. The ruins on a narrow spur of the mountain Vernissa are really impressive.
You will have your accommodation upon arrival in Valencia. Walk through the city.
Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and it is situated in the irrigated valley. It was founded in 138 BC by the Romans, then passed from hand to hand and only in the 13th century turned to belong to the Christians. Valencia is surrounded by orange groves and vast farmlands. The city stands on the banks of the River Turia. The old quarter of El Carmen is located on the right bank. Most of the ancient monuments are located close to the city council.
City Sights:
Palau de la Generalitad - Gothic palace of 15th century, which is now the seat of government of Valencia. 

• Basilica de los Desamparados - where is the statue of the patroness of Valencia - the Virgin Mary located
• Valencian Cathedral of the 13th century.
The eighth day. Valencia. Moto GP
The ninth day. Giving back the motorcycles. Transportation from Valencia to Manchester
Also, you have a unique opportunity not only to enjoy the beauty of Spain and exciting racing, but also send to "hibernate" your favorite motorcycle to Spain - from November to March. During this period, you can fly to Spain and enjoy the sunshine and ride on a motorcycle - whether it will be track or the endless miles of Spanish (and other countries’) roads. During the whole season
Your bike will be maintained by professional mechanics and, on request, it could be delivered to any Spanish city, hotel or airport. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!
DMC moto can change the tour route.
- £TBA One bike (single accommodation)
- £TBA One bike (double accommodation)
Price includes:
- Accommodation in 4* hotels (breakfast includes);
- Transfer to the airport – hotel (Valencia) – airport;
- Rent of the Ducati bike
- Guide on the bike, convoying the group
- Ticket for Moto GP (1 ticket for one person, 2 tickets for 2 people)
Price doesn’t include.
- Flight Manchester – Valencia – Manchester (Economy class)
- Dinner and supper
- Gasoline
- Parking and paid roads

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